CAS ETH in Regenerative Materials – Essentials

29. Januar – 21. Juni 2024

earth - bio-based - reused


Think Regenerative!

It is time to go beyond sustainability. Alternativesolutions out of local resources such as earth, bio-based and reused materials are emerging all over the world and are triggering regenerative outputs, thanks to their capacity to contribute to the restoration and improvement of the surrounding natural and social environment. However, they are not widespread in the construction sector due to lack of information on the side of decision makers and lack of competence on the side of practitioners.

The Certificate of Advanced Study in “Regenerative Materials - Essentials”, an international ETH training programme launched by the Chair of
Sustainable Construction of the ETH Zurich, aims to tackle this problem. It offers knowledge and skills to question our conventional construction tech-
niques and to promote regenerative materials from resource extraction to construction site, operation and end of life of the building materials. It promotes a territorial approach from the preliminary phase of the construction process.

This continuing education program aims to give practitioners tools and methods to use earth, bio-based and reused materials with efficiency and creativity in order to contribute to the necessary ecological and social tran-
sition in the construction sector.

We aspire to:
• Train specialists to conduct complex projects using earth, bio-based and reused materials with realistic and affordable solutions,
• Highlight exemplary architectural projects developing circular economy and the use of “low carbon” materials,
• Offer a practical experience on real projects (new construction, thermal renovation, historic restoration)
• Create a network of professionals working on regenerative construction


  • Module 1
    Discovering Regenerative Materials
    29.01.2024 - 02.02.2024
  • Module 2
    Earth construction
    04.03.2024 - 08.03.2024
  • Module 3
    Bio-based construction
    08.04.2024 - 12.04.2024
  • Module 4
    Re-valuing the building stock
    13.05.2024 - 17.05.2024
  • Module 5
    Project exercise
    17.06.2024 - 21.06.2024


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Prof. Dr. Guillaume Habert
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