CAS ETH in Regenerative Materials - Hygrothermal Specialisation 2023

11. September – 15. Dezember 2023

CAS ETH in Regenerative Materials - Hygrothermal Specialisation

earth. bio-​based. reused


Bio-​based materials offer several benefits when used in building envelopes. This course offers specialised knowledge on hygrothermal material properties and simulation tools. The program teaches participants to quantify indoor comfort improvements, energy demands reduction, forecast moisture-​related degradation risks, and to allow for durable design and long-​lasting performance. Materials such as straw bales, hemp, wood, waste from plant harvesting, or light mixes combining bio-​based materials to mineral binders, such as lime or clay, will be analysed in detail. The participants will acquire result-​oriented skills in terms of thermal efficiency and humidity regulation to contribute to the hygrothermal dimensioning of long-​lasting buildings or infrastructures.


Module 1:
General Knowledge on Hygrothermal Building Physics
Mo 11.09.2023 – Fr 15.09.2023

Module 2:
Constructive Details & Implementation of Regenerative Envelops   
Mo 02.10.2023 – Fr 06.10.2023

Module 3:
Advanced Knowledge on Hygrothermal Assessment   
Mo 06.11.2023 – Fr 10.11.2023

Module 4:
Project Work on Hygrothermal Validation   
Fr 17.11.2023, 24.11.2023, 01.12.2023, 08.12.2023 (Online)
Fr 15.12.2023 (On-Site)


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ETH Zürich
Chair of Sustainable Construction